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[image]Hitachi Integrated Report 2019

All PDF data download is here.

All pages, two-page spread view (for viewing) (PDF format, 7,647kBytes)
All pages, single-page view (for printing) (PDF format, 7,941kBytes)

Each page of PDF data download is here.

Contents / Editorial Policy (PDF format, 126kBytes)
About the Hitachi Group (PDF format, 1,201kBytes)
  - Business of the Hitachi Group (PDF format, 377kBytes)
  - The Hitachi Group Identity and Social Innovation Business (PDF format, 161kBytes)
  - Growth History (PDF format, 657kBytes)
The Hitachi Group Value Creation Story (PDF format, 1,193kBytes)
  - CEO Message (PDF format, 134kBytes)
  - Independent Director Dialogue (PDF format, 134kBytes)
  - Value Creation Process (PDF format, 736kBytes)
  - Capital Utilization and Value Creation (PDF format, 54kBytes)
  - Value Creation Story (PDF format, 183kBytes)
The Hitachi Group's Growth Strategy (PDF format, 3,027kBytes)
  - History of Management Reforms and Hitachi's Mid-term Management Plans (PDF format, 53kBytes)
  - Outline of the 2021 Mid-term Management Plan (PDF format, 80kBytes)
  - Capital Allocation Strategy (PDF format, 97kBytes)
  - Financial and Capital Strategy (PDF format, 92kBytes)
  - Accelerate Innovation (PDF format, 239kBytes)
  - Environmental Vision and the Decarbonization Business (PDF format, 319kBytes)
  - Strengthen Lumada (PDF format, 1,076kBytes)
    -- Story of Value Creation by Sector (PDF format, 1,296kBytes)
    -- Story of Value Creation in the IT Sector (PDF format, 193kBytes)
    -- Story of Value Creation in the Energy Sector (PDF format, 218kBytes)
    -- Story of Value Creation in the Industry Sector (PDF format, 675kBytes)
    -- Story of Value Creation in the Mobility Sector (PDF format, 243kBytes)
    -- Story of Value Creation in the Smart Life Sector (PDF format, 151kBytes)
A Business Foundation that Supports Sustainable Growth (PDF format, 727kBytes)
  - Addressing Risks and Opportunities (PDF format, 155kBytes)
  - Promoting Information Security (PDF format, 57kBytes)
  - Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Health (PDF format, 45kBytes)
  - Value Chain Responsibilities (PDF format, 47kBytes)
  - Compliance (PDF format, 48kBytes)
  - Quality Assurance (PDF format, 45kBytes)
  - Climate-Related Information Disclosure (PDF format, 51kBytes)
  - Corporate Governance (PDF format, 80kBytes)
  - Management System (PDF format, 480kBytes)
Data Section (PDF format, 876kBytes)
  - 10-Year Financial Data (PDF format, 45kBytes)
  - Segment Highlights (PDF format, 408kBytes)
  - Operating and Financial Review (PDF format, 50kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statement of Financial Position (PDF format, 38kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss (PDF format, 36kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income (PDF format, 36kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity (PDF format, 39kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (PDF format, 36kBytes)
  - 5-Year Non-Financial Data (PDF format, 37kBytes)
  - Hitachi Group Business Operation Framework / Keywords to Understand Hitachi Value Creation (PDF format, 46kBytes)
  - Corporate Data /Stock Information (PDF format, 43kBytes)
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