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3. Net business promotion system

      To promote net businesses, on April 21st the the Information & Network Services will be established as an entity under the direct control of President Shoyama. The Information & Network Services will work with the e-Service & Business Development, which was established in February, and with in-house and third-party service providers and content holders to promote the net business of the Hitachi Group. Business platform business strategies will be handled by a company called Hitachi netBusiness, Ltd. that is to be established, also on April 21st. In addition to providing the type of Internet data center services that form the backbone of a net business, Hitachi netBusiness, Ltd. will act as a one-stop provider of platforms for all businesses, encompassing upstream consulting and development support services, middleware products required for system operation, basic services relating to the collection of fees and charges, customer management, certification and encryption technology, end-user interface services in the form of electronic mall and call center services, and proxy operation services.


– Outline of Hitachi netBusiness, Ltd.

  400 million

  Masanori Kataoka

  30 billion (in total over the coming 4 years)

  World Commerce Centre Buliding, 31F
2-4-1 Hamamatutyou Minatoku, Tokyo Japan 105-6104

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– Solutions business
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