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Hitachi Perfects the World's First
37V Broadcast Satellite Digital High-Definition Plasma Television

-- Launches Three Models, Including a 42V Broadcast Satellite Digital High-Definition
Plasma Television, Expanding the Hitachi High-Definition Plasma Television
Lineup to Five Models --



Tokyo, Japan, August 30, 2001 -- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that will launch the world's first 37V (Visual size)* broadcast satellite digital high-definition plasma television, the W37-PDH2100 on September 20, 2001. It will also bring to market a 42V broadcast satellite digital high-definition plasma television, the W42-PDH2100, and an additional 37V plasma television, the W37-PD2100, on September 20 and October 22, 2001, respectively.

This move will augment Hitachi's television product lineup by adding the two 32V models it introduced from April 2001 to these three new models.

Hitachi has become the first manufacturer in the world to perfect broadcast satellite digital high-definition plasma television in 37V. The television's high-definition plasma display panel (PDP) uses the alternate lighting of surfaces (ALIS) format and is the first to enable such high-resolution definition in the 37V, which has until now been difficult with this size. It is configured in the consumer industry's smallest pixel pitch of 0.81mm 5 0.45mm and delivers the high resolution of 1,024 pixels horizontally and 1,024 pixels vertically, thereby allowing the maximum enjoyment of the superior picture quality of digital high-definition television viewing.

The television also features detachable speakers. Detaching the speakers reduces monitor width, thus enabling space-saving placement. It also features a swiveling table stand capable of 20º revolution in both the right and left directions, enabling the simple adjustment of the screen's angle to suit viewing position.

The 42V broadcast satellite digital high-definition plasma television incorporates the ALIS format, which delivers a 25% increase in panel brilliance compared with the previous model (W42-PD2000), providing clear, sharp picture quality.

*V (Visual size) is a measure of size based on the diagonal dimensions of the usable screen area.

Models and Prices

Furthermore, in an effort to expand the global market for plasma televisions, Hitachi will be introducing plasma televisions using 32V high-definition PDPs in Europe in autumn 2001. With the European markets as a starting point, Hitachi will also implement aggressive marketing initiatives to expand the world of Hitachi plasma televisions into the North American and Asian markets outside Japan, as well as eventually have all living room television sets converted to plasma models.


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