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October 16, 2001

The First e-Government Showroom in China,
"China CyberGovernment Square" Opens

--Opening Ceremony at BPU--

TOKYO Japan, October 16, 2001 - Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE: HIT/TSE:6501 hereinafter abbreviated as Hitachi) and the Beijing Polytechnic University (hereinafter abbreviated as BPU) jointly established and opened today a showroom "China CyberGovernment Square" (hereinafter abbreviated as "CCGS") in the BPU campus with a view to contributing to realization of e-Government in China. This is a showroom specialized in e-government where visitors can experience security infrastructure such as authentication and IC card, and model systems such as e-tendering and educational support that will be needed to realize an e-government. The opening ceremony will be held at BPU today.

The both party has made a basic agreement last August to cooperate in the Chinese "e-government" field, to establish a showroom specialized in e-Government and conduct market research, bringing together their technologies and know-how.

In addition, as part of the joint marketing of the both parties, "Japan-China e-Government Technical Seminar" will be held after the opening ceremony. This seminar includes a lecture on IT strategies presented by the Chinese government, a report of the e-government research by BPU, a proposal for realization of an e-government from Hitachi, and a panel discussion.

Hitachi and BPU, considering "CCGS" as the world's first international cooperation in the e-government field, wish to build wide-ranging and long-term partnership that includes establishing a joint project in the future to develop e-government technologies and products for the Chinese market.

[Outline of the showroom]
 Name  Beijing Polytechnic University-Hitachi e-Government
 Showroom "China CyberGovernment Square"
 Opening date  October 16, 2001
 Place  100 Ping Le Yuan Chao Yang District Beijing P.R.ChinaP.C.100022
 Area  About 660 m2
 Business hours  Week days 9:00-15:30, closed on Sat., Sun. and national holidays (planned)
 What is exhibited  - Image video of e-government
 - Demonstrations introducing e-authentication, MULTOS IC card,
 Internet-Marks, e-procurement system, e-education system etc.

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