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Hitachi Releases Three Diode Products Using World’s Smallest CSD Package

—0.3 mm thick 0603 type package for portable devices, reducing mounting area to approximately 1/5—

Diodes Using CSD Package
Left:HVZ500(CSD Package) Right:Previous Package(SFP)

Tokyo, November 26, 2001 — Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced the development of the CSD (Chip Scale Diode: Hitachi package code) package as the industry's smallest diode package for portable products, and the release of the HVZ500 and HVZ501 variable capacitance diodes*1 ideal for voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)*2 use in mobile phones, and the HVZ800 PIN diode*3 for RF switch use, as the initial products using this package. Sample shipments will begin in December 2001 in Japan.

The CSD package features a 0.6 0.3 (mm) level size--generally called 0603 type--that offers a mounting area approximately 1/5 that of the previous 1406 type. The new package is also only 0.3 mm (typ.) thick, enabling application products to be made smaller and thinner.


There is a growing demand for smaller, slimmer models in the field of portable products such as mobile phones, bringing calls for smaller and thinner electronic devices for various modules such as VCOs and antenna switches installed in such products. Hitachi has previously had a variety of small-package diodes in mass production, and is now releasing three diode products that achieve ultra-small and thin dimensions of 0.62 0.32 0.3 (mm) (typ.) through new package development and a revised chip structure.

[About these Products]

The newly developed CSD employs a structure in which both electrodes, anode and cathode, are located on the same surface. The CSD can be directly mounted on a board, and the elimination of leads as required by previous packages has resulted in the world's smallest size for a diode of 0.62 0.32 0.3 (mm)(typ.). This represents an approximately 80% reduction in mounting area and approximately 45% reduction in thickness compared with the currently smallest 1406 type SFP (Hitachi package code), enabling end products to be made smaller and slimmer.

The electrodes also have a lead-free specification that makes them ideal from an environmental viewpoint.

The following three diode products are being released as initial CSD products.
(1) Variable capacitance diodes for VCO use
     HVZ500: 10 V maximum rating, 2.43 (min.) capacitance ratio
     HVZ501: 15 V maximum rating, 2.0 (min.) capacitance ratio
(2) PIN diode for RF switch use
     HVZ800: 0.7 (max.) on-resistance at 2 mA, 1.0 pF (max.) inter-pin capacitance
Ongoing CSD developments will include models such as PIN diodes for antenna switch use. In addition, future plans call for extension of the lineup of various diodes to cover a wider application area including PDAs and notebook PCs.

Notes: 1.   Variable capacitance diode: Characterized by variation of capacitance according to the applied reverse voltage. This property is used for VCO frequency regulation.
2.   VCO: Voltage controlled oscillator. A unit that performs frequency regulation by means of voltage variation.
3.   PIN diode: A diode in which an I layer (Intrinsic layer) is inserted between a P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor to form a PIN junction. Mainly used in digital cellular phone system antenna switches and multimedia tuner source switching applications.

< Typical Applications >
(1) Variable capacitance diodes
Voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) for mobile phones
Voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) for mobile phones
(2) PIN diode
RF switches

< Prices in Japan >(For Reference)
Part Number Type Package Sample Price (Yen)
HVZ500 Variable capacitance diode
for VCO use
CSD 15
HVZ501 15
HVZ800 PIN diode for RF switch use 15

< Specifications >
1) HVZ500 and HVZ501 variable capacitance diodes for VCO use


Maximum Rated
Reverse Voltage
VR (V)
C (pF)
rs ()



C0.5 = 7.20 to 7.70
C2.5 = 2.70 to 3.20



C1 = 15.0 to 17.0
C4 = 7.0 to 8.5

(2) HVZ800 PIN diode for RF switch use
Package Maximum Rated
Reverse Voltage
VR (V)
Forward Voltage
VF (V)
Inter-Pin Capacitance C (pF) On-Resistance
rf ()



0.85 (max.)
@2 mA
C1 = 1 (max.) 0.7 (max.)
@IF = 2 mA
f = 100 MHz


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