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Sales by Product of Information & Telecommunication Systems

This is a breakdown of data for half-year results for Information & Telecommunication Systems, which were announced October 30, 2001.

Sales by product (billions of yen) *forecast

Notes: Figures for Servers include supercomuputers, general-purpose computers, UNIX servers and PC servers.
Figures for PCs include client PCs.
Figures for Storage include disk array subsystems, and HDDs.

Outline of the first half of Fiscal 2001 ended September 30, 2001

Sales of SE services were up year on year, especially with respect to the financial and public sectors. In the financial sector, the major part of the increase was accounted for by banks integrating their systems and gearing up to offer new services. On the public side, the increase came mainly in the area of sales to government agencies relating to electronic administration solutions. Hardware revenues were lower, with higher sales of disk array subsystems being more than offset by a decline in sales of telecommunication equipment.

Outlook for Fiscal 2001 ending March 31, 2002

Sales of software and services are expected to do well, but sales of haredware will slow owing to the decline by telecommunication equipment. As a result, sales are expected to show little change from the preceding fiscal year.




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