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October 30, 2015

Hitachi-GE's UK ABWR takes a further step forward in GDA

London, October 30, 2015 - Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Hitachi-GE), the reactor provider for Wylfa Newydd, has today continued its progress toward British deployment of the UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (UK ABWR), following confirmation that the Office for Nuclear Regulation will move to the final Step of Generic Design Assessment (GDA) with the process on schedule for completion by the end of 2017.

The UK ABWR is planned for deployment by Horizon Nuclear Power at two sites: Wylfa Newydd on the Isle of Anglesey, and Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire. ONR has today moved to Step 4 of the GDA.

General Manager, Licensing, Hitachi Europe Ltd. for Hitachi-GE, Mr Ken Sato said:

"Progression to Step 4 in around two and a half years is a sign of the strong progress we have made. We are delighted that ONR has moved to their final step, and that we are on schedule to complete GDA by the end of 2017.

"GDA is rightly a thorough and rigorous assessment - challenging scrutiny from the regulators is to be expected and welcomed. This will continue through Step 4, and we remain focused on providing detailed submissions, and addressing the regulators' questions.

"Hitachi-GE now has a team of well in excess of 300 experts working on GDA. We're drawing on world-class experience from within our team and from across our contractors. With continued focus, we're optimistic that we can maintain the excellent progress seen to date.

He continued: "The ABWR is the only generation III+ reactor which has entered operation anywhere in the world, and has been delivered on-time and on-budget. The ABWR is a byword for reliable delivery in the nuclear sector."

Engineering Director at Horizon Nuclear Power, Mark Lunn, said:

"It is testament to the hard work of the team and the robustness of the ABWR technology that it has progressed to the final stage of GDA."
"This is an important step forward for our Wylfa Newydd Project and keeps us firmly on track to start generating in the first half of the 2020s. The hard work will continue but we have made strong progress towards delivery of the secure, sustainable and affordable power that will come from our development."

Notes to editors:

  • In line with GDA schedule Hitachi-GE has today published revision B their Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR) on the GDA website for the UK ABWR:
  • The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has published their summary report for step 3 of GDA. These are available via the joint regulators' website:
  • At this stage, the GDA timetable divides between ONR's nuclear-safety scope, and the Environment Agency's scope. Whilst ONR has moved to Step 4, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales will continue on a separate programme, towards a public consultation in the Autumn of 2016.
  • Hitachi-GE is the reactor provider to Horizon Nuclear Power. Hitachi-GE's Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) has been built at three sites already (four units), and has already received approvals on three occasions around the world.
  • The Generic Design Assessment (GDA) is the process by which the UK nuclear regulators assess the potential suitability of a nuclear reactor design for development at an unspecified location in the UK, considering safety and environmental impact considerations.
  • In spring 2013 Hitachi-GE signed assessment agreements with the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Environment Agency, beginning the process of ‘Generic Design Assessment'. The company began a major phase of public and stakeholder engagement in January 2014, launching a new UK website dedicated to explaining the reactor technology and inviting comments on the design: Assessment then progressed to Step 3 in August 2014.
  • The website gives the opportunity for submission of comments or questions on the design of the reactor, or on the submissions which Hitachi-GE has made to the regulators. This process is not designed to discuss Government policy around nuclear energy and does not overlap with the planning consents for Horizon's proposed developments.
  • The Hitachi-GE team leading GDA is supported by more the twenty secondees from Horizon Nuclear Power. This UK expertise has supported progress, whilst allowing increased knowledge transfer of the UK ABWR.

About Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

Hitachi-GE, a joint venture established by Hitachi, Ltd. and General Electric Company in July 2007, as one of the world's leading comprehensive plant manufacturers, engages in the development, planning, design, manufacture, inspection, installation, pre-operation, and maintenance of nuclear reactor-related equipment and is able to execute integrated project management. Hitachi-GE has been involved with 23 reactors in Japan to date, including those currently under construction. Among them, it has participated in all of Japan's Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) projects-four ABWRs are already operational and three are under construction. Overseas, it has supplied major nuclear reactor equipment for the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan.

About Horizon Nuclear Power

Horizon Nuclear Power was formed in 2009 to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK. It was acquired by Hitachi, Ltd. of Japan in November 2012. The company is developing plans to build at least 5,400MW of new nuclear power generation plant at Wylfa on the Isle of Anglesey and Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire. Its power station sites will employ up to 1000 people each once operational and a peak workforce of around 8,500 is expected during construction. For more information about Horizon, please visit

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