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November 11, 2015

Establishment of International Collaboration Framework
for Japanese BWR Decommissioning

--Alliance with Cavendish Nuclear and AREVA--

Tokyo, November 11, 2015 - Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Hitachi-GE) announces the conclusion of cooperative agreements with both Cavendish Nuclear Limited (Cavendish Nuclear) in the UK and AREVA NC S.A. (AREVA) in France, with respect to Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Decommissioning in Japan.
Hitachi-GE will take preparatory steps towards decommissioning for domestic BWR, fully reflected by past international experience of both companies.

Currently, intensive studies have been launched how to decommission nuclear reactors in this country. In concert with these actions, some utility companies have started concrete preparation for their decommissioning programs. Through past development, design, construction, and maintenance experience in Japan, Hitachi-GE is capable to utilize its past technology, experience and know-how, to propose and support utility companies' planning and works.

To strengthen this goal, Hitachi-GE will collaborate with the two international companies which are well established and respected providers of nuclear engineering and decommissioning services: Cavendish Nuclear is a UK company and has significant experience of decommissioning planning and engineering, waste management and reactor decommissioning for UK and European Gas-Cooled and light water Nuclear Reactors. In addition, AREVA, a French company, has accumulated robust decommissioning experiences not only in the Europe but also in the United States, including BWR reactors.

Hitachi-GE would like to take a lead in decommissioning business by reflecting each company's advantageous position from the early stage of the study. By utilizing the above framework, it is Hitachi's position to propose superior proposals for our customers.

About Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

Hitachi-GE, a joint venture established by Hitachi, Ltd. and General Electric Company in July 2007, as one of the world's leading comprehensive plant manufacturers, engages in the development, planning, design, manufacture, inspection, installation, pre-operation, and maintenance of nuclear reactor-related equipment and is able to execute integrated project management. Hitachi-GE has been involved with 23 reactors in Japan to date, including those currently under construction. Among them, it has participated in all of Japan's Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) projects-four ABWRs are already operational and three are under construction. Overseas, it has supplied major nuclear reactor equipment for the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan.

Name Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.
Established 2007
Headquarters Hitachi-city, Japan
Management Hidetoshi Takehara (President)
Employees Approximately 1,700 (as of October 2015)
Business activities Design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of equipment and other related products for light water reactors for electric power generation, fast breeder reactors, and the nuclear fuel cycle.

About Cavendish Nuclear Limited

A wholly owned subsidiary of Babcock International Group, Cavendish Nuclear is the largest nuclear services business in the UK. The company draws on more than 50 years of experience and knowledge to provide supply services that extend from the design and manufacture of nuclear equipment and systems, construction of nuclear power plants, design and construction of waste management systems, to decommissioning and site remediation. A particular focus at present is the supply of equipment for new nuclear build in the UK, as well as overall management of reactor decommissioning sites in the UK.

Name Cavendish Nuclear Limited
Established 2010 (Cavendish Nuclear's predecessor companies date from the 1950's)
Headquarters London, UK
Management Simon Bowen (Managing Director)
Employees Approximately 6,000
(as of October 2015, includes Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd and Magnox Ltd)
Business activities Cavendish Nuclear Limited provides services that spans the nuclear life-cycle, including:
  • Nuclear site management and operations
  • Nuclear site decommissioning and clean-up
  • Nuclear new build
  • Decommissioning planning, engineering and implementation
  • Waste and nuclear materials handling, processing and storage
  • Fuel routes and fuel handling
  • Design, supply and integration of special purpose systems and equipment


AREVA supplies high added-value products and services to support the operation of the global nuclear fleet. The company is present throughout the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to used fuel recycling, including nuclear reactor design and operating services. AREVA is recognized by utilities around the world for its expertise, its skills in cutting-edge technologies and its dedication to the highest level of safety. AREVA's 41,000 employees are helping build tomorrow's energy model: supplying ever safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.
AREVA NC, in charge of nuclear fuel, reprocessing, and backend business, is 100% subsidiary of AREVA.

Established 2001
Headquarters Paris, France
Management Phillipe Knoche (CEO)
Employees Approximately 41,000
(as of October 2015, includes AREVA NP, AREVA NC, etc)
Business activities Uranium mine development, sales of uranium concentrate and enrichment, conversion of natural and recycled uranium, fuel manufacturing (MOX fuel), reprocessing, transportation of nuclear fuel and associated services, and other activities associated with the nuclear fuel cycle (other than generation).
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