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June 27, 2017

ANSALDO STS has been awarded of 100 million
Euros framework agreement with RFI

Ansaldo STS has been awarded of a procurement procedure, within a
framework agreement, worth of 100 million Euros

The agreement scope of work includes the supply of technical assistance services, maintenance and repair; furthermore reconfiguration and upgrading of Ansaldo STS systems in revenue service on RFI network. The contract will last two years and is based on two main activities:

  1. Technical assistance services, maintenance and repair of all Ansaldo STS systems and technologies existing on RFI network,
  2. Reconfiguration and technological upgrade of Ansaldo STS systems and equipment, mainly related to the technologies: RBC, SCC/SCCM, ACC/ACCM, SSA, SCMT-T and CTC EVO.

These systems are working nowadays on RFI main lines , both on the conventional lines (SCC / SCCM junction of Turin, Milan, Verona, Venice, Genoa, Naples, Palermo and on the Tirrenica and Adriatica lines), and on the High Speed lines (with the use of RBC/ERTMS LII, ACC/ACCM, SCC/SCCM technology).

Ansaldo STS is proud to support RFI's commitment for the renovation of railways systems and to support the improvement of safety for passengers and the entire community.


RBC: Radio Block Centre. All trains automatically report their exact position and direction of travel to the RBC at regular intervals. RBC sends by radio fail safe information to the train (ATP)

SCC: Traffic management system used for traffic control in railways network

ACCM: Interlocking Multistations

SCMT: Automatic train protection system

SSA: Support System for automatic dispatch

CTC EVO: Evolved Centralized Traffic Control

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