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Hitachi GroupIntellectual Property Strategy

R&D and Intellectual Property Report


I. Introduction

II. Hitachi Technology Management

  1. What Hitachi should be
  2. Technology management approach

III. Intellectual Property and R&D in Main Target Businesses

  1. High-definition "Wooo" TVs for digital broadcasting
  2. “Secure client solutions” for offices anywhere
  3. Global advance of car information and navigation systems

IV. Research and Development

  1. R&D system
  2. R&D strategy
  3. Collaboration with industry, academia, and government

V. Intellectual Property

  1. Patents
  2. Brand
  3. Trade Secret Management Committee


  • Reference 1. Group Companies for Japan-US Patent Data
  • Reference 2. Main Public Awards


Intellectual Property Group
Strategic Planning Department

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