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Hitachi GroupIntellectual Property Strategy

R&D and Intellectual Property Report



Hitachi Group Overview

I. Hitachi Group Technology Management

  1. For the "Collaborative Creation and Profits"
  2. Basic Ideas for Technology Management
  3. System for Technology Management

II. R&D and Intellectual Property in Main Businesses

  1. High Efficiency Coal-fired Power Plant
    Incorporating Advanced Environmental Technologies
  2. Hybrid Propulsion for Railways
  3. Disk Array Subsystem Featuring Storage Virtualization

III. Research and Development

  1. Global R&D Strategies
  2. R&D Organization
  3. Fortifying Growth Strategies
  4. Creation of Innovative Technologies

IV. Intellectual Property

  1. Basic Policy of IP Strategy
  2. Building a World-class Patent Portfolio
  3. Strategic IP Exploitation
  4. Invention Reward System
  5. Trade Secret Management

V. Brand Management

  1. Brand Management
  2. Anti-counterfeit Measures


  • Reference 1. List of Group Companies Included in Japan-US Patent Data
  • Reference 2. Major External Awards and Recognitions


Intellectual Property Group
Strategic Planning Department

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