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Message from the Company President

[Photo]Atsushi Takita President & CEO, Defense Systems Company

On behalf of Defense Systems Company Hitachi, Ltd., I appreciate very much your patronage and understandings toward our systems and service.
Defense Systems Company is in charge of social Infrastructure security business as a member of the infrastructure Systems Group in Hitachi, Ltd.
Defense Systems Company has been involved in Japanese Defense business to acquire diversified technologies and expertise. We are now in expanding our business activities to social infrastructure as well as a whole based on our valuable experience and expertise.
Around us, there are still a lot of issues to be solved such as global warming, environmental disruption, water issue, natural resources, and recycling energies with the global scale. Together with Hitachi Group's diversified technologies and valuable expertise, Defense Systems Company will contribute to realizing much secured and safer society.
All members in Defense Systems Company are always doing their best respectively to realize customers' requests and success.
Your continuous support and understanding would be much appreciated.

Atsushi Takita
President & CEO, Defense Systems Company

Business Overview

The main business units of the Defense Systems Company are in national defense-related areas and crisis management-related areas such as supporting recovery activities after large-scale and far-reaching disasters and in protecting critical infrastructure. Through these businesses, we have contributed toward making our global society safer and more secure. We have currently expanded our business focus to include promoting the social infrastructure security business. We will continue to advance the expertise we have developed in our defense business through diversified technologies; for examples, in decision-making support technologies used in collecting, processing, exploiting, disseminating, and visualizing information, and also in large-scale/expansive monitoring with cryptography technology for physical and cyber spaces. Regarding the environment, we are enhancing our business in this area through electric propulsion technology in conjunction with electro-mechanical technologies.