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Hitachi Group

Electronic Systems & Equipment: Strong Support for Advances in Products and Services. Find out more

Electronic Systems & Equipment: Strong Support for Advances in Products and Services

Hitachi supplies a diverse range of equipment, systems, and services in the medical and healthcare field where demand continues to strengthen against a background of an aging society and a growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

MRI systems

These include products that have earned a strong reputation, such as MRI systems designed with an elliptical opening that gives a more spacious feeling and is more comfortable for people with a large body or a phobia of confined spaces, and diagnostic ultrasound systems that are similar in design to a laptop computer and include a workstation stand, making them suitable for use outside the clinic.
For hospitals and medical laboratories, meanwhile, Hitachi also helps provide the infrastructure for in vitro diagnostics through its work on clinical analysers designed for high reliability and ease-of-use.

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Production and inspection equipment

Hitachi also supplies a wide range of production and inspection equipment for the semiconductors and other electronic devices that are essential to providing advanced functions in the latest electronic products. Drawing on its proprietary microfabrication technologies and metrology and inspection technologies, Hitachi develops high-precision manufacturing and inspection equipment for semiconductors and other electronic components to deliver solutions to fast-growing markets such as those for semiconductor packages and smartphones.

Civil defense radio systems

Elsewhere, Hitachi supplies civil defense radio systems that provide residents with timely information about disasters or other emergencies, including information on the scale of the event, the location of hazards, and other hazard details. It also has an extensive product range of compact, lightweight power tools designed for low noise, low vibration, and energy efficiency.

Power tools

With products such as driver drills that use highly efficient brushless motors and electronic control to deliver efficient operation and optimized rotation speed, Hitachi has earned the support of professional users around the world in recent years.