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Elevators, Escalators

Hitachi has been developing and manufacturing elevators and escalators for about 90 years. Social demands on elevators and escalators changed dramatically over time: faster, larger, and barrier-free and required.

History of Hitachi's Elevator and Escalator Business

  • 1924
    Lift manufacturing at the Kameido plant
  • 1932
    First elevator delivered (to Tokyo Electric Power)
  • 1937
    First escalator delivered (to Osaka Railway Department Store)
  • 1956
    Hitachi Building Services Co., Ltd. Founded in Japan
    (currently known as Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.)
  • 1966
    Hitachi Elevator Engineering Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd. founded in Hong Kong
  • 1967
    Construction of an elevator research tower in the Mito Works completed (90m high)
  • 1968
    Ultra-high-speed 300m/min elevator delivered to the Kasumigaseki Building, Japan's first skyscraper
  • 1972
    Hitachi Elevator Engineering (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. founded
  • 1974
    Delivery of 540m/min elevators to skyscrapers in Shinjuku
  • 1991
    Siam-Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd. founded in Thailand
  • 1995
    Three affiliated companies in China merged to found Guangzhou Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd.
    (currently known as Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.)
  • 2003
    Opened Hitachi Building Solution Lab
  • 2008
    Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd. founded in India
    Delivered the world's highest class ultra fast double deck elevators to the Shanghai World Financial Center
  • 2010
    Construction of an elevator research tower "G1TOWER" in Mito Works completed (213m high)
    Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte. Ltd. founded in Singapore as a general elevators and escalator business company for the Southeast Asia, India and Middle East regions
    Construction of an elevator research tower for Hitachi Elevator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (172m high)
  • 2011
    Hitachi Elevator Philippines Corporation founded in Philippines
  • 2014
    Domestic elevator and escalator business transferred to Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd.
  • 2015
    Hitachi Elevator (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. founded in Myanmar
  • 2016
    Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd founded in Vietnam
    Hitachi Elevator (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. founded in Cambodia
  • 2017
    Hitachi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. founded in Thailand
    (Sales / Installation / Maintenance Divisions separated from Siam-Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd.)
    Acquired Temple Lift Ltd., a UK-based elevator and escalator business company
    Hitachi Elevator Saudi Arabia Limited. founded
  • 2018
    Hitachi Elevator Laos Co., Ltd. founded