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Elevators, Escalators

Active Guides for Reducing Lateral Vibration During Operations

The further the distance that elevators are required to travel, the more warping that occurs on the guide rails that are installed to ensure smooth operations and the more lateral vibration that appears in the elevator cars at high speeds.
Hitachi therefore developed active guide devices that are installed along the elevator guide rails to increase control over this vibration.
Data on the cars and acceleration speeds at certain points are fed back to these devices for the purpose of controlling the amount of pressure power applied to the guide rail rollers. As elevator car vibration only affects riding comfort, the devices consist of as few actuators, sensors and controllers as possible.
This provides the effect of the elevator car seeming to be at a stand still despite it moving at high speed. It is futuristic elevators like this that Hitachi is involved in developing.

Highly-Accurate Speed Control and Arrival Control technology

Contraction of the main cables on elevators required to travel distances exceeding 400 m leads to height differences and low-frequency vertical vibration at arrival stages where the passengers board and disembark.
Hitachi uses the latest microcomputers with high processing capabilities to control this, and this has enabled us to provide speed control and arrival control at higher levels of accuracy than previously available.

Capsule Structures and Bi-Layered Cars for Reducing Traveling Noise

Vast fluctuations in air flow are produced within shafts operating ultra high-speed elevators. This generates extremely loud wind noise within the elevator cars, which subjects the passengers to increased stress.
Hitachi therefore developed an aerodynamic capsule structure to reduce wind noise, and elevators cars with bi-layered structures to insulate them from background noise.
Elevator cars traveling as ultra high speed that are as quiet at forest landscapes. This is the level of silence Hitachi aims to develop.

Air-Pressure Adjustment Technology for Reducing Ear Blockage

Differences in air pressure are produced within shafts operating ultra high-speed, long-distance elevators, which results in the sensation of ear blockage in the passengers.
Hitachi has developed air-pressure adjustment technology to reduce passenger ear blockage within elevator cars.