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Elevators, Escalators

Incorporating Energy-Saving Measures in Elevators

Hitachi is constantly incorporating energy-saving measures in elevators with the use of leading-edge technology.
The control systems and transitions to low-consumption power sources for middle-speed elevators are introduced below.
Hitachi will remain committed to actively developing energy-saving technology and environment-friendly technology into the future.

Resource-Saving Measures with Double-Deck Elevator Cars

The use of double-deck elevator cars for transporting large-capacity loads is increasing recently in accordance with the trend to build super high-rise buildings.
Double-deck elevator cars require a spacing adjustment function (floor spacing adjustment) to cope with the difference in the distances between floors in buildings. Although there are various floor-distance adjustment systems available, they all increase the weight of the elevator cars, which in turn increases the load on elevator operations.
Hitachi is currently involved in the development of a new lightweight floor-distance adjustment system that can be used in buildings with vast differences in floor-spacing distances.We are also using flexible steel sheeting for the elevator car frames to reduce the weight of the materials, thereby achieving more lightweight cars.
Measures such as these help us to cut down on overall weight even in large-capacity elevator systems and results in preventing excessive loads being placed on the elevator drive motors.
Hitachi will continue to take energy saving and resource saving into consideration and accept the challenge of developing technology to efficiently move large numbers of people within all types of buildings.