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Elevators, Escalators

<FI Series>Implements Group Control in Response to Differents Requirements of Different Buildings.

Three Types of Control Available for Various Building Requirements

A group control system groups multiple elevators for achieving a well-balanced operation by taking waiting times into account. Such a system requires flexibility so that it can be used in various types and sizes of buildings and be responsive to changing traffic demand.

An algorithm that allocates elevator cars at equal time intervals for shortening the average waiting times and reducing the probability of a long wait is used in Hitachi group control systems. In addition to the highest model, FI-600, in which Future Reference-Trajectory Control is used, FI-100 using Reference Trajectory Control, an application of the Future Reference-Trajectory Control theory, for allocating elevator cars, and simplified group control system FI-10 are provided by the FI Series.
You can select the most suitable elevator system for the building you are planning.

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The Main FI Series Function

The Main FI Series Function
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Bunching prevention: Using the "future reference-trajectory control" or the "reference-trajectory control" in the FI-600 or FI-100, elevator cars are operated at equal time intervals to prevent local bunching.