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Elevators, Escalators

Traction Machines and Control Panels for Ultra High-Speed, Large-Capacity Elevators

Traction machines require acceleration and deceleration control that generates high levels of torque in order to move ultra high-speed, large-capacity elevators, which means that basic technology providing raw power is indispensible.
Hitachi uses PM motors (permanent magnetic synchronous motors) that are compact yet provide high output.
We have also incorporated the new technologies listed below within the control panels in order to cope with this large-capacity output.

  1. Technology that aligns two converter/inverter devices in a parallel array
    (set parallelization)
  2. A system that controls the output currents of the two inverters
    (current balancing control)
  3. A system that synchronizes the pulse output of the two inverters
    (synchronous PWM control)
  4. A reactor that harmonizes the output currents of the two inverters
    (link reactor)

These technologies will provide the cornerstone for the development of elevators into the future.