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Elevators, Escalators

Multiple Disc Brakes

Efficient braking power and swift response is required in the braking systems of ultra high-speed, large-capacity traction machines.
Hitachi uses braking materials that are able to withstand high surface pressure at high speeds in order to achieve the levels of braking power required. Conventional brakes operate on a drum system, but the development of technology that provides optimal control over multiple electromagnetic coils on disc systems has led to even greater stopping power and allowed them to be manufactured in a compact size.
The placement of the multiple electromagnetic coils in consideration of a fail-safe system has also improved safety.

Multiple Emergency Stop Devices

The emergency stop systems on ultra high-speed, large-capacity elevators require functions to bring to a halt heavy elevator cars moving at ultra high speed with total safety. In order to obtain the braking power demanded by this, Hitachi uses materials of superior levels of wear-resistance and heat-resistance and with a high friction coefficient on the braking shoes used in emergency stop systems. We have also introduced multi-structure emergency braking systems that consist of two parallel devices, as opposed to the single device conventionally used, and this will provide support for the increased capacity and speed that can be expected in future elevators.

Control System Fitted with Long-Period Seismic Activity Sensors

The risks of long-period seismic activity are attracting more and more attention recently, and there is increased demand to ensure that high-rise buildings are able to withstand this.
Conventional methods for coping with this were to stop all elevators in the immediate aftermath of earthquakes until functions could be restored, and this required a long period of time.
Hitachi has developed sensors that calculate the amount of swing on cables in the real-time and allow elevators to continue operating safety in accordance with the results.
The use of technology that helps restore normal operations by measuring the levels of swing convergence, instead of simply halting operations, greatly contributes to BCP* within building environments.

BCP=Business Continuity Plan