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Elevators, Escalators

LED lighting

By adopting LED lighting for all ceiling designs, energy consumption is reduced and service life is prolonged compared with fluorescent lighting.

BS-11 <sup>*1</sup> Standard

SL-11 <sup>*1</sup> Option

These ceilings are not compliant with EN81-20/50 and SS550. In case of EN81-20/50, they can be used if the customer agrees.
Comparison with 10-passenger model with fluorescent ceiling lighting. Results may differ depending on ceiling configuration and dimensions.
Power consumption of fixture including lighting power supply.
Rated service life of fixture including lighting power supply. Actual service life may vary depending on usage conditions.
Varies depending on usage conditions.

Automatic turn-off of car lighting and fan

  • Standard

When the elevator is idle, the lighting and ventilation fan in the elevator are automatically turned off to conserve energy. Energy consumption is reduced by adopting LED lighting for the ceiling and shortening the time until the lighting and fan turn off.

Regenerative system

  • Option

Making use of energy generated by the elevator

Making use of the energy generated by the elevator when traveling downwards with a heavy car load or upwards with a light car load, the traction mechanism acts as a power generator and transmit power back to the electrical network in the building.


Effectiveness during normal operation and differs depending on usage conditions.