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Elevators, Escalators

Door signal with multi-beam door sensor (The closing door alert)

  • Option

The door signal flashes to notify passengers when the door is starting to close

The multi-beam door sensor is backed by a door signal that notifies passengers when the door is going to close. The LED on the edge of the door starts to blink about one second before the door starts to close. If the door close button in the elevator car is pressed, the LED starts blinking at the same time as the door starts to close.


Note: Illustration shows simulated view of beams.


  • Standard

Automatic correction of elevator landing level when there is a level difference between car and floor. This improves safety when getting on and off the elevator.

Automatic rescue device for power failure

  • Option


In a power failure, the elevator switches to battery operation, and moves to the nearest floor

When a power failure is detected, the drive power supply switches over to battery power, and the elevator automatically moves to the nearest floor and releases the passengers for safety. This lessens the worry of being shut in the elevator by a power outage in a building with no private generator equipment.