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Hitachi’s Healthcare Business

Products and services

Prevention and Checkup

The importance of preventing diseases is gaining greater awareness than ever before. Hitachi is contributing to the early detection and treatment of illness by supplying a cloud-based health support service that utilizes company health checkup data to support staff health management, and a system that supports health examination facilities.

Products and services

  • Cloud-based health support service
  • Employee health management support service
  • Health checkup operations support system

Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Major advances have been made in medical diagnostic imaging systems such as MRI and CT systems through developments that include more precise imaging technology and more sophisticated data analysis techniques and interfaces. By helping to put cutting-edge technologies to work in the medical sector in the form of medical devices and systems, Hitachi is further expanding the possibilities of diagnostic imaging.

Products and Services

  • Diagnostic ultrasound system
  • MRI system
  • CT system
  • X-ray diagnostic system

Therapy Systems

Hitachi offers a comprehensive range of therapy systems, including a particle therapy system based on the use of spot-scanning, a technique for the high-precision targeting of the particle beam at the treatment site. The contributions made by these systems include therapies that minimize burdens on the body.

Products and Services

Healthcare IT

Hitachi supports healthcare environments more accurately and safely by utilizing cutting-edge IT and networks as key technologies, with services such as electronic health record systems that manage large amounts of data on the cloud and automate the management of medical examination information.

Products and Services

  • Electronic health record system
  • Cloud data backup service
  • Image transfer service for medical examination vehicles
  • Clinical examination information system
  • Anonymized information management service


From identifying potential malfunctions in medical devices and assisting with hospital management, to supporting community comprehensive care: Hitachi supplies solutions that combine medical devices with IT to help raise the quality of medical care for each and every person by analyzing and utilizing various forms of data from the healthcare sector.

Products and Services

  • Smart operating rooms
  • IVR rooms
  • Hospital management support service
  • Malfunction indication diagnostic service
  • Support for community comprehensive care

Examinations and Measuring

The medical care system has a need for high-speed, high-precision analysis of blood samples, etc., and Hitachi’s automatic analyzers contribute to the presentation of speedy clinical testing results. Hitachi is also working on developing innovative technologies that support examination and measurement, including a system that measures changes in hemoglobin concentrations in the blood that accompany brain activity.

Products and Services

  • Clinical laboratory test system
  • Optical topography system
  • X-ray irradiation equipment

Equipment for Research Facilities

Hitachi is contributing to the advance of life science and medicine by responding to the needs of researchers with equipment such as body composition analyzers for use with animals, imaging systems for use with the animal models that are essential for drug development and pharmacological research, and biochemical luminescence measuring equipment used in biochemical research.

Products and Services

  • Imaging equipment for small animal testing
  • Body composition analysis equipment
  • Bio- and chemiluminescence measuring equipment
  • Radiation Measuring Equipment
  • Diagnostic ultrasound systems for animals

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