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Abdomen Analysis

Abdomen Analysis calculates the area and volume of the CT value corresponding to fat and muscle of the abdomen area and displays them visually and plainly.

Clinical Images

Clinical Images

Analysis results

    Body fat analysis
  • Subcutaneous fat area [cm²] or volume [cm³]
  • Visceral fat area [cm²] or volume [cm³]
  • Abdominal circumference [cm]
    (Length of abdominal circumference measured on the CT image)
    Muscle analysis
  • Left greater psoas muscle area [cm²] or volume [cm³]
  • Right greater psoas muscle area [cm²] or volume [cm³]
  • Left erector muscle of spine [cm²] or volume [cm³]
  • Right erector muscle of spine [cm²] or volume [cm³]

Operating environment

      ○Applicable system
        Whole-body X-ray CT system SCENARIA and Hyper Q-Net S
      ○Report printing
        Internet Explorer (IE)
        Refer to the product specification for the IE version.
        Unable to print on the CT console.

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