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Abdomen Analysis

Abdomen Analysis software calculates the area of the CT value corresponding to visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in 2D or 3D.

Visceral fat obesity diagnosed with CT


There are two types of obesity, visceral fat obesity and subcutaneous fat obesity, and both can be determined with abdominal CT images. Visceral fat obesity leads to a high risk of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and lifestyle-related diseases, and the importance of early detection with medical examinations and guidance for an improvement in lifestyle is increasing.

Graphical display of analysis results


Abdomen Analysis displays the areas corresponding to visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in different colors. Not only one-slice analysis but also 3D analysis using multiple slices is feasible. By displaying analysis results in 3D or graphically, results can be communicated to the patient visually and plainly for informed consent.

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