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Calcium Scoring

The Calcium Scoring software calculates the area of the CT value corresponding to the calcification area and so on in the coronary arteries from non-c ontrast-enhanced CT images.

Coloring in 3 modes


The area of CT value corresponding to calcification can be automatically extracted and colored per coronary artery. With 3 types of processing modes, calcification areas can be easily colored and modified.

Results are displayed in real time


On the lower right corner of the viewer, the results of the calcium score are displayed per coronary artery. The results are updated in real time depending on coloring and modification and you can check them promptly.

Creation of examination reports and image storing are made easier


The reporting function of Calcium Scoring allows you to create the analysis results of the calcium score in a short time by simple operations such as automatic item entries and prior registration of comments.
In addition, analysis images can be stored in the color DICOM format or BMP format, and moreover, a list of analysis results can be outputted in the text format (CSV).

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