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Coronary Analysis

Coronary Analysis software supports the evaluation and observation of the coronary arteries based on contrast-enhanced cardiac CT images.

Automatic extraction and labeling of the coronary arteries


Extraction and labeling of coronary arteries can be automatically processed. The cardiac area is also automatically extracted allowing the display of the Angiographic View.

Efficient observation of three major coronary arteries


The CPR (natural view/straight view) along with the labeled center line and the orthogonal plane can be displayed for each major artery, and moreover, the center line can be modified. In addition, tabs can be used to switch among the display of “RCA”, “LAD” and “LCX” easily.

Preset conditions of image output can be easily customized


3D images can be easily stored with angles customized for each institution. The CPR and orthogonal plane images can be stored with preferable range of angles and intervals. A storage format can be selected from color DICOM and BMP.

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