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Coronary Analysis

Coronary Analysis software supports the evaluation and observation of the coronary arteries based on contrast-enhanced cardiac CT images.

Increase and prevention of heart diseases


The mortal rate due to heart diseases occupies a very high percentage worldwide. Heart diseases are caused mainly by contraction due to arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries which provide oxygen and nutrition to the heart, resulting in a worsened blood flow. They are considered to be most likely caused by one’s lifestyle such as diet and exercise, and therefore, they can be prevented by improving the lifestyle.

Usefulness of cardiac examination with CT


With the cardiac CT, information on the shape of the coronary arteries and plaques can be obtained in a scan as short as about 10 seconds. In addition, this is useful as a checkup because it is less invasive, loading a minimal burden on the patient compared with the cardiac catheter examination.

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