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Perfusion Analysis version 3

Perfusion Analysis is the dedicated software which analyzes cerebral blood flow from contrast-enhanced cerebral CT images.

Exposure dose reduction with the Adaptive Filter


The perfusion examination with conventional CT was made with a high radiation dose by continuous dynamic scanning. With the improvement of analysis algorisms and the development of the nonlinear noise reduction filter (Adaptive Filter), the CT perfusion scan has enabled a 50-100mA, 1-sec intermittent dynamic scan.

The Auto ROI function calculates the left/right differential easily.


Only by setting the central axis on a cerebral CT image, this function automatically sets the ROIs and enables calculation of the average values of the left/right ROI and the left/right differential. The shape (round or rectangular), number and size of ROIs are also selectable.

Making and outputting a report


The reporting function of Perfusion Analysis allows arranging functional images and the results of ROI settings in a short time using automatic input of analysis items and pre-registered doctor’s comments by a simple operation. It is possible also to output the analytical images with the DICOM format and BMP format in color.

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