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The riskPointer software is used to calculate the area of the LAA (Low Attenuation Area) and %LAA (the ratio of LAA to the lung field region) from CT images of the lung field.

Easy color display only by selecting images


With conventional software, troublesome processes are required such as a manual ROI setting around the lung field and so on. With the riskPointer, the low attenuation area (LAA) is processed with a color based on the threshold value which is set by the user and the calculated results of %LAA are displayed in a short period of time.

Two different analysis modes are selectable.


There are two types of analysis modes. With Upper/Middle/Lower Lung Field mode, the selected three cross sections can be analyzed as in the general CT examination of pulmonary emphysema. The Entire Lung Field mode allows the analysis of whole lung images obtained during chest CT checkups.

Easy comparison report with previous results, easy image saving


Reporting function of the riskPointer is capable of not only making the report of the current examination results, but also adding previous examination results, enabling the user to see the change of %LAA at a glance. It is also possible to output the analysis images in the color DICOM format or BMP format, and the analysis value in the text format (CSV).

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