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The wallPointer extracts the pulmonary area and convex region of the pleura from chest CT images to calculate the thickness and expansion.

Easy color differentiation display just by selecting the images


The pulmonary area and convex region of the pleura are automatically extracted and displayed with color differentiation by pleura thickness. In addition, expansion is calculated using the angle from the lung center of the right and left pulmonary areas.

3 analysis modes are selectable.


There are 3 kinds of analysis modes. With “Single-slice mode” and “Selected-slice mode”, any of the selected slice sections can be analyzed. “All-slice mode” allows analysis of the images of the total pulmonary area and observation of the distribution condition of the convex region in 3D images.

Creating examination reports and saving images are simpler.


The reporting functions of wallPointer let you not only save results of the current examination but also add those of previous examinations, demonstrating the change of the thickness and expansion of the convex region of the pleura at a glance.
Also, analysis images can be outputted in color DICOM format or BMP format and analysis figures in text format (CSV).

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