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The wallPointer extracts the pulmonary area and convex region of the pleura from chest CT images to calculate the thickness and expansion.

Diseases due to asbestos


Diseases resulting from asbestos generally include asbestosis, lung cancer, malignant mesothelioma, asbestos pleural effusion and diffuse pleural thickening and so on. Among the recognition criteria for diffuse pleural thickening, a measurement of “thickness” and “expansion” is important.

Utility of CT and wallPointer


As compared with X-ray images which show overlapped front and rear images, CT that displays axial images allows evaluation with higher precision. Furthermore, wallPointer can calculate the maximum pleura thickness in a pulmonary area and make color differentiation display by thickness. Also, it allows observation of the expansion toward the body axis while rotating 3D images of the pulmonary area.

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