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0.35s/rot Whole-body scanning

SCENARIA will change the general trend of CT.

Wish to scan a wide area in short amount of time and obtain images with high precision –there had been many technical obstacles to achieve this, such as the resolution degradation in the periphery of FOV due to the high-speed rotation of the scanner. Our cutting-edge high-speed data sampling technologies realized 0.35s/rot scanning which can be used not only for cardiac scanning but also whole-body scanning for SCENARIA.

In order to fully answer the needs of the patient, the operator and the doctor, image quality, workflow and user-friendliness have been refined. Hitachi aims for an all-round CT with absolutely no room for compromise. 64ch/128slice CT SCENARIA is reborn.


  • DICOM Conformance Statement
  • IHE Integration Statement

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