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0.35s/rot, which can be used for not only the heart but also for any regions of the whole body such as the abdomen and the lower extremities, and the CORE method, which reduces various artifacts at high-pitch scanning, these features achieve both high-speed scanning and high image quality.

High-speed view rate

In order to secure sufficient data density in the periphery area even for scanning of the maximum FOV size, not only the heart but also all regions can be scanned at 0.35s/rot. This is realized by high-speed view rate of max.2,880 views/s data collection system developed exclusively for SCENARIA.


CORE method (3D image reconstruction algorithm)

The CORE(Cone-beam Reconstruction) method optimizes the range of acquired data used for reconstruction per pixel.
By using the whole range of the detector efficiently, more data can become usable compared to the Feldkamp method. Streak artifacts, which tend to be generated from the costal bone in high-pitch scanning and motion artifacts caused by the movement of the intestinal tract can be reduced resulting in good quality images.


High-speed scanning 180mm/s

Scanning time for the chest-abdomen (700mm) is 3.8s
by 180mm/s (0.35s/rot, BP1.58) scanning speed.

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