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Intelli IP – a new technique to reduce image noise generated by a low dose
IntelliEC – a technique to control image noise at an indentifiable level
A minimal dose is pursued with two techniques with different concepts.

Intelli IP Advanced

The new advanced mode was added to the Intelli IP, Intelli IP Advanced, that is an iterative processing in which the statistical processing precision has been improved as compared with the conventional Intelli IP. Specifically, Intelli IP Advanced is a processing that, after reducing the noise in the projection space based on a high-precision statistical model by an iterative processing, tunes image quality based on anatomical and statistical characteristic in the image space. It is able to greatly reduce the amount of image noise and streak artifacts.



IntelliEC Plus

This new feature modulates the tube current, taking into account of the noise reduction from Intelli IP Advanced. Target SD can be easily reached with lower tube current in comparison to AEC without Intelli IP. By applying both iterative processing and dose optimization, a more effective dose reduction can be expected.


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