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Exposure should be reduced as well as scanning the heart in high precision. Cardiac CT scanning, which is now being used for various applications from screening to thorough checkup is made simpler and more accessible.


Improvement of spatial resolution using the lateral slide table

SCENARIA enables the lateral slide mechanism(*) which has enhanced flexibility in the lateral direction of the table. By positioning the scanning region in the center of rotation, spatial resolution is expected to be improved.(*Optional)

Less exposure at cardiac study

A Cardiac Bow-tie Filter (X-ray compensation filter) is equipped as a standard. As this enables narrower X-ray beam than the filter for the body, by using it together with the table lateral slide mechanism, exposure can be reduced by about 1/4 for whole area (Inside and outside of the FOV) and about 1/3 for outside the FOV.


IntelliEC Cardiac

IntelliEC Cardiac modulates the tube current under retrospective scanning based on the phase of cardiac cycle. With this function, scanning can be done with optimized dose during diastole and with a low dose during systole. Therefore, as compared to a cardiac scan with consistent amount of dose, a lowered dose can be achieved. Dose modulation can be set up to 2 phases and the maximum dose can be set for each of them.


(Recommended cardiac scan parameters setting)

CardioConductor is the function which automatically set the recommendation scan condition by using the range of heart rate during the breath-holding practice.
Breath-holding practice can be conducted from both the console and the scanner (Touch Vision). The setting of scan condition is selectable from “Auto”, which puts weight on simple scanning or “Manual” which enables to customize condition, depending on various scan situations.


(Automatic cardiac phase selection)

The moving level is extracted based on images created per phases for the whole heart. System will search the minimum movement phase in the heartbeat and propose the optimal reconstruction phase. The time for searching optimal phase, which has been the bottle neck for the workflow of cardiac CT, can be dramatically reduced within one minute at a minimum. (*Optional)


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