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What we pursued with the design of SCENARIA is the openness and comfortableness. Providing comfort environment to patient enables to lighten the technician’s work load and also gives stable examinations.

Open design

Large bore

The large bore which is bigger by 50mm than the diameter of the ordinary aperture is useful not only for patients with a large frame but also for older patients who have difficulties of lifting their arms up.


Wide table and lateral slide table

“The wide table top with the width of 475mm” and “the lateral sliding mechanism* which moves 80mm in both left and right”, these two features enable to set a patient’s position easily, not only for cardiac scanning but for shoulders or other regions too. (*Optional)



Touch Vision: A friendly environment for examinations

You can explain to the patients about the examination or the timing at which he or she should hold their breath using a large LCD monitor. Explanations are given in letters and illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner. It is compatible with 10 different languages.



10 languages display

Patient information display

Examination guidance in different languages

Breath holding practice

Breath Guide

The breath guide display that informs the timing of the breath hold can be found in 3 different places inside the gantry, which makes recognition easier. With the auto voice and the display. Breath guide will surely be useful to the patient.


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