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What the excellent interface of the APERTO Lucent produces.
High reliability in medical practice enabled by an environment of prompt and accurate operations.

APERTO Lucent has been largely improved in the aspect of operability as well as in its basic performance as an MRI system. In addition, the system does not only acquire images but is compatible with the IHE KIN function* and IHE CPI function* for shared use of the acquired image information.

APERTO Lucent is an Open MRI that takes into consideration the shared use of image information.

*:Optional function

New System Software

The intuitionally understandable GUI(Graphic User Interface) and DICOM and IHE capabilities - which provide for simplified entry of data for examination have been adopted.


Parameter Guidance Function


This function automatically displays several parameters which can be substituted to those that were inputted inappropriately.

Sentinel Customer Support

We believe that a system that can be used stably is important both for those who operate the system and those who undergo examinations.
The Sentinel customer support is available to ensure stable use of the APERTO Lucent for users.

Conceptual diagram of Sentinel


System status screen
System status screen

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