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ECHELON Smart heralds the dawn of a new standard for 1.5T superconductive MRI.

The ECHELON Smart features a small footprint and limited cost, without compromising diagnostic quality and speed.
Based on Hitachi's proprietary technology, this system has opened up the potential for 1.5T systems, providing superb image quality and superior install flexibility inherited from permanent-magnet MRI systems.
ECHELON Smart offers new options for superconductive MRI.


Patient - friendly Quiet Examination

Various technologies exist to reduce MRI imaging noise. However, low-noise MRI systems often compromise on image quality or extend imaging time, making them unsuitable for routine use.
Other approaches need special hardware that prevents their widespread acceptance.
Hitachi's SmartCOMFORT noise reduction technology reduces the imaging noise by up to 94%*.

* Varies with the imaging conditions




SmartCOMFORT can be used together with the motion artifact reduction technology, RADAR*.

* RADial Acquisition Regime.

Example of RADAR + SmartCOMFORT image


Ecological and Economical Running Cost

Superconductive MRI systems generally command high running costs.
This cost is mainly related to the high power consumption of the cooling system necessary to maintain superconductivity.
ECHELON Smart is equipped with an energy saving function that can stop the cooling system for a certain length of time during periods of non-use or on non-consultation days.
This function effectively reduces the power consumption whilst maintaining zero boiling off of the helium.
Moreover, as the heat emission from the cooling system itself also decreases during these periods, the power consumption of its heat-dissipating unit is also cut.



Small Footprint Flexible Layout

It is often a matter of concern whether there is sufficient space in the equipment room for a superconductive MRI system installation.
ECHELON Smart has an extended cable length between the main MRI gantry and the power unit in the equipment room.
This enables flexible layouts that can remove some of the hurdles faced when introducing an MRI system.


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