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Advanced functionality, designability, operability and further ahead.
The next generation MRI designed in full consideration of the operator and patient.

What is required for the contemporary medical equipment is the highest and uncompromising performance. Every development team is striving to realize that performance in every situation. The Echelon, MRI that materializes the further advanced functions and the best possible friendliness.

Functionality Exceeds “High Image Quality”.

Display of precise and clear images faster. Increasing the exactness of clinical examination supports improvement of the medical quality. In addition, easy operation can be processed even in high level examinations.

Designability Exceeds “Gentleness”.

The open design of the bore and soft coloring, mitigates the psychological stress of the patient. By the same token, it demonstrates an excellent compact design even in installation conditions.

Operability Exceeds “Easy Operation”.

User-friendly design was aimed at so that even an unexperienced operator can easily operate. Also, the system is in compliance with DICOM and IHE*1 in order to be compatible with an in-hospital network.


Reliability Exceeds “Security”.

Compatible with Hitachi Customer Support System Sentinel*2.
The remote supervisory system which connects the built-in sensor and Hitachi server supports the system rapidly when in emergency.

And Promising Future Exceeds “Echelon”.

Hitachi is making professional researches on high-field MRI as a whole Hitachi group in line with the clinical needs.
We will promote the researches more and more to provide better products.

Network environment shall be prepared by the institution's side. And the contents of the service provided will be different according to the contents of the contract.

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