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New light shed on the human brain

Optical Topography is a non-invasive tool for the investigation of cerebral hemodynamics using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).With the arrival of Optical Topography it is possible to get a glimpse of the working brain like never before!
Optical Topography exploits the different absorption spectra of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin in the near infrared region.The technology opens a new window to the secrets of the human brain.

Non-invasive, real-time measurements of brain activity


After positioning the easy-to-use probes on the head of the subject, the ETG-4000 allows the simultaneous measurement at multiple brain sites and provides real-time images of changes in hemoglobin concentration in the brain. Minimal restraints make the subject feel comfortable in an environment controlled by the operator.

Simultaneous measurements of up to 52 channels at brain sites of your choice

The choice between an array of probe configurations of different sizes and the number of measurement channels (24 - 52) makes the ETG-4000 the ideal tool in cognitive neuroscience, stroke rehabilitation, etc.


Compact, mobile and user-friendly

The ETG-4000 is a compact and mobile unit that can be easily moved from site to site. The user-friendly on-screen application software guides the user conveniently through the operation, from experimental design to data acquisition, from data analysis to data export.

Simultaneous NIRS/fMRI,NIRS/EEG measurements

Serial, digital and analog ports allow the ETG-4000 to send and receive triggers to efficiently communicate with other modalities. Simultaneous measurements can be conveniently synchronized and conducted either by direct communication between the two modalities (via triggers) by remote-controlling both modalities through an external PC.




The ETG-4000 - the All-In-One Solution -

A user-friendly interface guides the operator through the process, from experiment to data export.

The real-time data acquisition can be displayed simultaneously :channel-by-channel, 2D mapped, etc.

The ETG-4000 allows a flexible paradigm design, either in the monitoring “Event-mode” or the programmable “Stimulus-mode".

An array of analytical tools to improve data quality is available (signal filtering, integral, PCA, multi-data-, wave analysis, etc.).

Data can be conveniently exported via a LAN-connection, either as hemoglobin data (csv) for further analysis, as still images (bmp) or animations (AVI).

The LAN-connection also provides a convenient way to export hemoglobin data in real-time.

Data backup either by storage on DVD-RAM discs or by exporting data to an external PC*.

The exported hemoglobin data are ready to be imported into secondary analysis software; no further formatting is required.

Serial, analog and digital ports allow remote triggering (START/STOP, marker set, etc.) and control of the ETG-4000 from an external PC*.

*The external PC has to be provided by the user.

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