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Great deal of trust on its small body


High-resolution, high-speed scanning

Introduction of Fan Beam X-ray and Line-Sensor has brought significant advance in scan speed and X-ray data size for each scan. Multi-channel Line-sensor is adopted to obtain the high-resolution pictures.


Monochromatic X-ray for excellent accuracy

Tube voltage switching method is adopted. By switching the tube voltage of the X-ray tube, X-ray with two different colors is obtained. Since the attenuation rate of each X-ray energy is separated by time, each energy is free from interference. This will enhance the separation of bone and other tissue.


Compact design

We have pursued compact and light-weight system design, which gives maximum flexibility to the possible installing place.

Dimensions : 40 (W) x 52 (D) x 94 (H) cm
Weight : Approx. 60kg

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