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Making Osteoporosis familiar to you

Excellent Analysis Software


High-resolution image of the Line-sensor allows accurate auto-recognition of Ulnar styloid process to be used as the reference analysis point. High accuracy of the reference analysis point and forearm length acquired by the automated measurement function has given great advance to the reproducibility of the ROI.

Report for clear understanding


Distinct messages are displayed and printed to fit each examinee's measurement result. Message editor also enables editing and creating original comments for your facility. This is an excellent tool for enhancing better understanding of your examinees as well as supporting communication between doctors and examinees.

Profound know-how


Outstanding operability and functionality of our DCS-600 series has been inherited to this system.

    Some examples are :
  • Quick search of past data
  • Reservation of future patient data
  • Support function for statistical processing of analysis result
  • Supports DICOM (optional)

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