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More comfort realized by space-saving design.

Quick measurement

Measurement in the spine can be performed in 40 seconds or of the hipbone in as short a time as 20 seconds.
This largely contributes to reduction of the burden on the examinee.

※ measurement of the spine in Standard mode

Guideline system for easy positioning

By setting the examinee’s body axis to the guideline and centerline marks on the upper cover, the examinee can easily be positioned with minimum stress.
Instrument status can easily identified by the color of the status indication lamp.


【Measurement off : Blue】

【Measurement off : Orange】

Portable and Friendly design for loading and unloading examinees

Compact design with a 0.72m2 footprint facilitates convenient use under a variety of conditions.
Instrument head can be flip-opened with a press of a button to secure the wide opening for easy loading and unloading of examinees.


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