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A compact system with reliable technologies and outstanding usability - this was our aim for development of the X-ray Bone Densitometry System DCS-900FX.
High accuracy. Compact. User-friendly.
DCS-900FX is our answer obtained after continuous pursuit of more comfortable examination, for both examiner and examinee.

Versatility adapting to a wide variety of needs.

DCS-900FX is designed to be used in combination with an X-ray imaging system or a commercialized imaging table.

This allows the DCS-900FX to be installed in an existing X-ray examination room or limited space.

The adjustable system height enables combined use with a variety of different imaging tables.

image     image

※ Please contact our sales representative for detailed information on the combination.

Measurements are available for the spine, femur and forearm, which are important areas for bone densitometry measurement.

【Measurement in the spine】

【Measurement in the femur】

【Measurement in the forearm】

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