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It was in 1954 when we inherited the electron tube and electronics technology and developed our own radiation measurement systems based on the predecessor's technology.

Since then, we have supplied numerous state-of-the-art radiation measuring systems to radioisotope handling facilities in atomic power facilities, universities, research centers, hospitals, etc.

Our radiation measuring systems range from light weight, compact units to multifunctional systems incorporating total data processors. Each system maintains high reliability in terms of high-level performance.

Ever since the East Japan Disaster in 2011, our systems have become standard instruments for various radiation measurements throughout Japan.


Survey Meters

Survey Meter

Survey meters are hand-held measuring devices for spatial radiation dose and radioactive contamination.
Optimal types can be selected from a large lineup according to use purposes.
Surface Contamination Measurement
Alpha TCS-232B
Alpha / Beta ADC-1121
Beta ADB-1121   TCS-316H
Gamma TCS-173C
Dose Rate Measurement
(for High Sensitivity or Natural Environment)
ADP-1111   PDR-111   PDR-303
Gamma and X-ray ICS-1323
Neutron TPS-451C

Electronic Pocket Dosemeters

Electronic Pocket Dosemeters

Radiation exposure of individuals can be measured with the reliable and pocket-size electronic pocket dosemeters.
The large lineup provides product types fit for each use purpose.
  Without Alarm With Alarm
Gamma Standard PDM-122B PDM-222C
Gamma High Sensitivity - PDM-501
X-ray PDM-127B PDM-227C
Neutron PDM-313 -

Data Reader

Data Reader

Data reader SDM-301C transfers memory data from survey meter and electronic pocket dosemeter to the computer.

Gamma Camera

Gamma Camera

The Gamma Camera enables visualization of radiation level with color coding, facilitating identification of radiation source location.

Liquid Scintillation System

AccuFLEX LSC-8000

AccuFLEX LSC-8000

Providing the necessary measurement results with speed, accuracy and simple operation, AccuFLEX LSC-8000 supports your liquid scintillation counting.
3H and 14C regions can be counted at a resolution of 0.05 keV/ch.



AccuFLEX LSC-LB7 is a low background liquid scintillation system with the world highest level of performance for detection limit, at the same time the highest level of resolution is achieved for tritium measurement.
Vials supported are 100mL, 145mL, and 20mL.

Area Monitors

Area Monitors

Gamma dose rate in working environments can be measured.
Large LED display and loud buzzer assists easy recognition.

Calibration and Maintenance


We provide the required regular inspections and calibrations for Survey Meters and Electronic Pocket Dosemeters to maintain their best performance.

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