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AccuFLEX LSC-8000

AccuFLEX LSC-8000

Our latest liquid scintillation system is born after R&D of over 50 years. LSC-8000 strongly supports a wide range of categories of liquid scintillation counting.
Designed to be a reliable partner of operators throughout the world, LSC-8000 incorporates many useful functions.
This model is also highly recommended as an alternative counter from old or non-supported models at your laboratory.


Efficiency 3H : 60% or more
14C : 95% or more
Quenching standardization Level method (i)ESCR, ii)SCCR) Efficiency Tracing Method
i)  ESCR : External Standard Channel Ratio
ii) SCCR : Self Constant Channel Ratio
Number of samples 408
Multi-user programs 50
Sample transport With rack
Multi-channel analyzer 4,000ch (high resolution spectrum analysis by gain switch)
Analysis window 3 windows
Preset nuclides 3H, 14C, 32P, 125I, 32P (Cer.), 3H + 14C, 3H + 14C + 32P
Preset time 0.1 to 9,999.9 min
Preset count 1 to 9,999,999 counts
Repeats and cycles 1 to 100 and ∞ (9,999 max.)
Operation 10.4 inch touch panel color LCD
Languages English, French, Chinese and Japanese *specified by your region
External connection USB, RS-232C, LAN
Environmental requirements +5℃ to +35℃ 30% to 80%RH (no-condensation)
Electrical requirements AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 200VA
Optional functions Efficiency Tracing Method/Intelligent LSC (LSC-8000-OP1)
Chemiluminescence correction function (LSC-8000-OP2)
Color quenching correction function (LSC-8000-OP3)
Sample error checking monitor (LSC-8000-OP4)
Luminescence measurement (LSC-8000-OP5)
Anti-static function (LSC-8000-OP6)
Alpha/Beta separation function (LSC-8000-OP7)

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