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Since 1962, when the first liquid scintillation system was developed in Japan, we have been leading the continuous technology innovations, generations after generations for nearly 50 years, to bring a new liquid scintillation system that perfectly matches with the 21st century.


  • Detection performance of the highest level in the world Value of FM (Figure of Merit) : 285,000 or more
  • The highest resolution level in the world in tritium measurement
  • 4,000ch multichannel analyzer is used and the automatic gain switching is possible.
  • Unique detector that can measure vial of 145mL in maximum (No condensation process of sample is needed)
    145mL, 100mL, 20mL are available.
  • Operation with color touch screen
  • Extra Low background
  • Detection Limit lower than 0.4Bq/L (24hrs, 3sigma Standard deviation)
  • Equipped with the color quenching correction function and the chemical luminescence correction function as Standard
  • Measurement data output by various external output interfaces (USB/LAN to your PC)
  • The spectrum of the measured sample is displayed on the color LCD in real time.


Basic performance Counting efficiency
  • 3H : 60% or more
  • 14C : 90% or more
  • 3H : 3.5cpm or less (100mL)
Value of FM : 285,000 or more
* Conditions : 3H (When a 100mL vial is used.)
Quenching correction method Level method (ESCR method, SCCR method,),
Efficiency tracing method (optional)
Vial that can be used 20mL, 100mL, 145mL vials
Number of measurement samples 20 samples
Sample exchange method Conveyor method
Analysis method High-resolution spectrum analysis by switching gains with 4,000 ch. multi-channel analyzer
Display 12 inch color LCD touch screen
Cooler Main unit with built-in cooler
Output interface Printer, LAN, USB, RS-232C
Environmental requirements in operation Temperature : +5 to +30 degrees C
Humidity : 30 to 80%RH (Non-condensing)
Power 100VAC to 120VAC, 220VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz Approx. 650VA
Dimensions Approx. (W) 123 x (D) 77 x (H) 163 cm
Weight Approx. 800 kg

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