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PDR-303 is a well-designed Gamma survey meter for ambient dose rate measurement with a comfortably compact shape.
Semiconductor detector with the reasonable water proof (splash proof) structure enables comfortable measurement for any user. TFT color LCD assists users to read the value, and sufficient alarm features (display and sound) inform users when the dose rate exceeds the preset level.


Radiation Detected Gamma (X-ray) (50keV~)
Detector Silicon Semiconductor Detector
Measurement range 0.1μSv/h to 1Sv/h
Energy dependence ±30% (Reference 137Cs, 60keV to 1.5MeV)
Accuracy ±15% (Reference 137Cs)
Display TFT Color LCD
Audible functions Measurement Count and Alarm (with ON/OFF, and sound volume adjustable)
Data saving Continuous saving, instantaneous saving, more than 3,000 data saved
Battery One lithium-ion battery
Four AA alkaline batteries (an optional battery holder is required) *
Protection class IP65 on lithium-ion battery with the protective silicone cover
Dimensions Approx. (W) 63 x (D) 38 x (H) 201 mm
Weight Approx. 200 g (incl. lithium-ion battery)

* Battery holder is optional

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