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2D Tissue Tracking

Put the mouse cursor on the following picture to check motion images.

2D Tissue Tracking
Normal image

2D Tissue Tracking
2DTT visualizes regional movement.
The variation of myocardium thickness cannot be missed now.

The variation of myocardium thickness is converted to the number.
Further accurate regional contraction ability can be captured now.

2D Tissue Tracking

Principle of 2DTT, Overview of the Pattern Matching Method

Pattern matching methodarrow2D Tissue Tracking
2D Tissue Tracking

A region that matches most with the periphery of tracking point (x0, y0) on the 1st frame is found from the 2nd frame.

2D Tissue Tracking2D Tissue Tracking

B-mode images are developed frame by frame to track the target point.

Clinical Images

Normal case %WT
Normal case

Abnormal case %WT
Abnormal case

2D Tissue Tracking

2D Tissue Tracking

      • Without angle dependability, movement is tracked in all directions.
      • Simple measurement is made in all frames.
      • Depending on the arrangement of measurement points, various indicators can be calculated.
        • Length of myocardium
        • Intracardiac dimensions
        • Diameter of valve ring

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