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Simple to use Applications

Real-time Tissue Elastography(RTE)*1

Assesses tissue strain in real time and displays the measured differences in tissue stiffness as a color map. Its application has been validated in a wide variety of clinical fields: for the breast, thyroid gland and urinary structures.

AFS/ASR Automation Features*1

Auto Frame Selection (AFS) picks out the appropriate frame for measurement in Real-time Tissue Elastography. Assist Strain Ratio (ASR) automatically locates the measurement ROI. Complex, repetitive measurement steps can now be completed using a single button.

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AFS/ASR Automation Features

LF Index*1

RTE can also provide an estimation of liver fibrosis staging in patients with hepatitis C (LF Index)*1using an abdominal convex transducer.

LF Index


Contract Harmonic Imaging (CHI)*1

Widely-used imaging technique that provides homogeneous enhancement throughout the field of view to enhance diagnostic capability.

Panoramic View*1

Images taken by gradually moving the probe across the target organ are assembled into a single, elongated image, for enhanced diagnostic precision.

Panoramic View

Needle Emphasis (NE)

Automatically adjusts the image to enhance needle visibility, assisting in safe and accurate punctures.

Needle Emphasis (NE)

Marking Assist

Lines displayed in B-Mode imaging correspond to markers on the transducer head.

Marking Assist

Auto IMT*1

Automatically measures the Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) following the placement of an ROI on the long axis view of the carotid artery.

Auto IMT

Dynamic Slow-motion Display (D.S.D)*1

Displays real-time imaging and its slow-motion counterpart side by side on the same screen, enabling the observation of rapid value movements in detail.

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Free Angular M-mode (FAM)*1

M-mode can be displayed using any cursor orientation, enabling the comparison of wall motion or value excursion from multiple angles in the same heartbeat.

Free Angular M-mode

Dual Gate Doppler

Makes it possible to observe Doppler waveforms from two locations simultaneously. This enables LV diastolic performance indicators, such as the E/e' Ratio, to be measured during the same heartbeat.

Dual Gate Doppler

2D Tissue Tracking (2DTT)*1

Speckle tracking technique that quantifies and analyzes movement of the entire left ventricle or local movement of the myocardium.

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*1 Option
*2 Approximation based on internal study

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